Welcome to Driftwood Creations
Unique handcrafted creations by Alan James Cherry
An award winning Artist, Sculptor, Poet, Singer, Songwriter and Entertainer, I have always been moved by the desire to create something unique.
The wild, unpredictable nature of the driftwood relics, mostly saved from wood heaps or logging windrows that would have been otherwise set on fire and lost forever, have inspired me to let the wood speak for itself and tell it's own story.
The work is both functional and visual, using a variety of mediums and techniques to achieve the desired outcome of this vision; an extension of nature's own sculptured handy work.
My pieces have been exhibited in galleries throughout Melbourne and Country Victoria over the past 20 years and adorn many office spaces and homes throughout Australia.
May you enjoy the creations as much as I did creating them.
                                                                                               Alan J Cherry